Simon Grist: Director

Adelaide Architect ICE Architects Simon Grist

Simon has over 25 years experience as a Practice Director & Project Architect on over 150 university projects. He also has an strong background in high end residential architecture

Simon is ICE's Team leader on Educational & Institutional Projects


1983: Adelaide University, Bachelor of Architecture



1993 to present: Director – Grist Architects & ICE architects  

Project Team Leader and Contract Administration of Higher Educational, Commercial and Residential projects. Refer attached project list in portfolio

1992 - 1998:     University Tutor / Lecturer

1991 - 1993:     Research at Adelaide University (Aboriginal housing)

1989 - 1990:     Architect – Woodhead Australia

1988:               Architect – Adelaide City Council

1987:               Architect – Hammersmith & Queen Charlotte’s Health Authority, London

1986:               Architect – Adelaide City Council

1984 - 85:        Architect – D. A. Reed and Associates, London


Refer attached project list in portfolio
Picture of Brookman Hall Picture of Uni SA Student Lounge Picture Award winning residence

Simon has had over 25 years experience in the Industry. Simon started work in London and ran his own Practice for more than 10 years before forming ICE architects. As a Director of ICE, Simon has completed over 150 Educational and Institutional Projects and also has an extensive residential portfolio of work.